Lap of Love - They used to be compassionate, now just in it for a fast buck!
I have used Lap of Love in the past & always had the same vet. He would come in quietly, gently approach my pet, show interest, review the records, look at photos, speak softly. Last time, on Feb 3, he was unavailable, so a different Lap of Love vet came. Maybe I...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of professionalism
  • Poor quality of services rendered
  • Total disregard for animals


Even with the passage of time the painful memories of that botched euthanasia continue to haunt me daily. I cannot erase the unpleasant memories left when Dr. Garcia failed to properly medicate Marley, & provide a peaceful passing. I would like to know if Dr.Danny Mc Vitry, owner of Lap of Love learned anything from this experience or is she still sending out novice doctors uncomfortable with the dosing of medication necessary for a humane euthanasia procedure. I hope when teaching her trade at the University of Florida she remembers to explain the important steps of proper medication administration to allow an animal to pass peacefully not in a traumatic way. This is basic too death with dignity even for an animal like Marley, who was a family member. Signed Heart Still Bleeding, James Marina
Advertised vs Delivered
Customer service
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
I didn't like
  • Poor quality of services rendered
On June 25, 2018. I had to say good bye to my 14 year old Toy Poodle, Armani.. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do. His body just deteriorated and he had multiple issues. I am so grateful for the Lap of Love and the services they provided. He was able to go...
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Columbus Ohio Location/Dr. Leslie Words truly cant express my gratitude for Dr. Leslie. I have sadly had to euthanize many former pets and not once was it ever as smooth and peaceful as Dr. Leslie made it. She did this on a Sunday. A SUNDAY! Dr. Leslie took time away...
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I liked
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Availability
I didn't like
  • Pricing

Lap of Love - Your trustworthy vet can do the same at a lower cost

Very pricey. Ask your local vet if they would come out ando the same if you want the passing at your house. Mine did.
My friend called on this service to help her little dog cross the rainbow bridge. The technician administered an injection causing the poor dog to scream in pain for several minutes. My friend begged for something to be administered to calm the dog. Finally after a...
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Lap of Love - Empty promises, false hope
Don't count on them when you need them. Empty promises! The email I sent them (below) says it all. I contacted you weeks ago. You assured me that someone would be here when needed. I contacted you last night to say we would need help today. I cannot express how angry I...
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Lap of Love - Thank you so much
Dr. Sarah Clarke was respectful in our time of need. She came in and explained everything so that my family and I would understand the process. She was very gentle and had great bedside manner. My black lab was suffering and in so much pain. We knew it was his time,...
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I take no pleasure in writing this negative review but feel an obligation to the memory of my precious Marley. I have let some time pass since my unpleasant encounter with services provided and my dogs final moments. As a business Lap of Love provided comfort & support...
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Lap of Love - An Absolutely Horrible Experience!
My sweet, loving cat with his eyes wide open, his mouth also open gasping for air while his chest moved up and down in a frantic series of hiccups until he died by asphyxiation. This is the last image I will have for the rest of my life of my beloved boy, all courtesy...
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